Salt Systems

If you’re interested in switching over to a salt chlorination system for your pool turn to All Clear Pool Services & Supplies. We offer salt chlorination systems from reputable manufactures like Jandy, Pure Chlor, and Pentair. A salt system from one of these industry leading suppliers offers many benefits over a traditional chemical-based system. First, by using saltwater rather than chlorine and other chemicals to sanitize your pool, you’ll be saving both money and time on swimming pool care and maintenance. Salt doesn’t evaporate like traditional pool chemicals do, so you can depend on it to keep your pool water clean and clear for longer periods of time. Additionally, all-natural salt is much gentler on eyes, skin, hair, and swimsuits than harsher chemicals like traditional liquid chlorine or powdered shock, offering a much more comfortable swimming experience.

In addition to replacing your chemical sanitation system with a salt chlorination system, the experts at All Clear Pool Services & Supplies can also provide other services, such as:

  • Weekly pool cleaning
  • Pool equipment sales and repair
  • Pool leaks repair
  • Installation of automated pool controls
  • Retail supplies, chemicals and toys

No matter what type of pool service you need, you can depend on us to complete the job in the most efficient manner.  We only employ properly trained and highly experienced service technicians, and our swimming pool company is licensed through the state of Florida as a certified pool contractor.

For more information on any of our services, contact us today. We’ll be happy to install a salt chlorination system for your pool

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