Pool Leaks Detected and Repaired

Pool leaks can be very difficult to diagnose. They can also be very frustrating, time consuming, and cost exorbitant amounts of money in water replenishment if not detected and remedied right away. If you think you have a leak, let us schedule a leak detection diagnosis for you. Our professionally trained leak detection contractor has over 10 years of full time leak detection experience in both commercial and residential swimming pools.

Leak Detection Procedure(s)

The initial visit includes having a certified leak technician check the entire pool for leaks. All skimmers, main drains, return jets, lights, floor pop ups (if applicable), and the tile line. All leaks discovered during this process will be patched with a two part epoxy that hardens underwater (there is no need to empty the pool).

The pool water level needs to be at the proper operating height for the leak technician to properly diagnose all issues.

If the technician discovers the leak is in the plumbing underground he will have to come back for a 2nd visit:

The second visit consists of pressurizing each pipe to find out which one is leaking. He then will pinpoint the leak with a listening device (sonar), cut through the deck or dig down in the yard to the leak and fix the damaged pipe or fitting. Once the piping is fixed he will backfill the yard, or deck.

If the leak is under the deck he will mix concrete to make the deck flush again, but the square cutout will be unpainted and not textured. If you have pavers, they will be replaced and the deck will look the same as it did before the job was done. Occasionally pavers will get damaged during this process. If you have extra pavers please leave them out for the technician. He does his best to avoid damage, but there is no guarantee.

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